The Festival of Desert Art and Music

25 Jan 2013 - 27 Jan 2013
Event Type: 
Art and Craft Festival
Khamir, Kachchh

You are invited on an exceptional journey to experience the distinct craft processes, music and people of North Western India. Join us for the Desert Art and Music Festival, an inaugural fest bringing together living cultural traditions from Rajasthan and Kachchh. The three-day festival from January 25th - 27th 201 3 will be hosted by Khamir, the people of Bhujodi and Soor Vani, in Kachchh, Gujarat, INDIA.

With a rich heritage and history, Kachchh is home to several creative practitioners, who are finding exciting new ways of expression. The Desert Art and Music Festival will unfold as a 3-day programme packed with craft engagement workshops during the day and musical nights by artists from Rajasthan and Kachchh. Come witness the sharing of cultural expressions from two unique regions of INDIA. Inspire your creative spirit at the workshops, and discover the secrets of traditional crafts from the artisans themselves. Immerse yourself in the folk traditions of mystic poetry through the musical nights, all while enjoying the hospitality of the people of Bhujodi. The festival also coincides with the event ” Bandhani : Ties across Time ” - an exhibition on Khamir’s campus celebrating the art of tie-dyed textiles and narratives from the artists across Kachchh. KHAMIR is a platform for Kachchh’s creative industries. We are a community-based nonprofit that nurtures craft excellence while cultivating relationships between and among artisans throughout the region. Traditional Kachchh block printing, bandhani tie-and-dye, weaving, mashroo, metal bell making, lacquer, pottery, and leather are some of the crafts that we work with.

Basic registration fees is Rs 7500/- for three days. Registration is inclusive of craft-workshop sessions, food (breakfast, lunch, tea/snacks and dinner) and music events for all three days. Fees do not include accommodation and transportation costs. Accommodation can be arranged upon request.

For enquiries and registration, please contact :
The Festival of Desert Art and Music
Limited participation for workshops (30 seats). Registration open till 10 January 201 3 only.