Shabad Dhun Laagi 18 ~Songs of the soul~

28 Apr 2018

Dear friends,

Please save the date for this year’s Shabad Dhun Laagi, or better still, book the tickets right away here!…

Every year, in partnership with Bhoomija, we invite two folk artists to come and grace Bangalore with their music. The last two events have been exhilarating.

This year the mellifluous folk singer Hemant Chauhan from Gujarat will sing songs of Kabir and other Bhakti poets, while Sumar Kada and Mitha Khan from Kutch will sing Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s poetry in the searing form of the ‘waai’. The twin-strings of Hemantji’s Ramsagar invite us to experience a oneness within. What we long for, the Ramsagar says gently, has always been here. The deep, resonant tones of the 5-stringed Damboor played by the Waai singers touch deeper chords. Places we have never gone to, in ourselves, in the pit of our stomach. What fears, desires, fulfilments, lie hidden there?

This is why the strings always sing, ‘Shabad Dhun Laagi’. We are struck by sound, wounded by the Word. Come and be struck.

Hope to see you there.
Vipul & Shabnam

28.April.20187:00pmMLR Convention Centre JP Nagar Bangalore